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National and International Shipping Agent Network

With shipping agents located right across the United States, we combine state of the art technology with a dedicated, professional team of experts to provide every customer with high-quality, cost-effective service that they can rely on. We appreciate the hard work our teams of professionals do every day, helping our customers process their shipments no matter where they are.

Our Cost-Efficient Business Model Passes Savings to You

We keep our overhead costs low with an innovative network of agents operating their own shipping centers. Then we pass those savings on to our customers. By maintaining tight cost controls through our network of independent shipping agents, we are able to provide exceptional value for our customers, with lower service costs and extremely competitive shipping rates.

Customs Assistance and Preparation for International Shipments

As a major supplier of logistics services, have helped a significant number of familiar brands transition to the global marketplace through our comprehensive fulfilment and shipping solutions. We can provide a range of customs assistance services, and do not charge additional fees for international shipping. This, along with a range of additional logistical support including help with customs paperwork, ensures our service is ideal for streamlining your move to global markets, extending reach without the complications you may be wary of.

Strategic Approach to Storage and Fulfilment

With the help of our shipping agents or external warehousing solutions, we can take care of all your shipping needs both domestically and internationally. You can take a strategic approach to storage, keeping inventory close to customers, choosing to utilize as many or few of our facilities as you need in a flexible approach that ensures efficiency. No matter if you are B2B or B2C, our on-demand and custom solutions are here to support your business.

With the help of our shipping agents or external warehousing solutions, we can take care of all your shipping needs both domestically and internationally

Shipping discounts

The choice of carriers is entirely yours. We work with DHL, FedEx, USPS, Canada Post and UPS to offer cost-effective rates and reliable, quality shipping services. Which carrier you use to have the package delivered is up to you. When you work with us, you’re getting the benefit of exclusive contracts we have negotiated with top shipping carriers. That’s why our shipping rates are so dramatically lower than our competitors and even lower than standard retailer shipping costs. These great rates are the direct result of the thousands of dollars of business we send these carriers every month. It’s a win–win situation that saves our customers hundreds in expensive shipping costs. And when you ship in bulk, you could qualify for even greater savings. Consolidating multiple purchases into one delivery can save you a lot of money in shipping costs.

A world-class SaaS platform

The Foundation Fulfillment bespoke SaaS platform provides a single interface that connects you to shipping agents across the globe, helps you manage and optimize order processing and more. With continual updates, the system streamlines your logistics provision, and with redundant deployment across multiple data centers all over the world, prebuilt connectors and a comprehensive development framework, it has the tools and support your development team needs.

Ecommerce solutions that scale with your business

Our clients are usually small and medium sized businesses, startups, Amazon and eBay sellers. But we are capable to provide confidence in our service for businesses of all sizes. Built to grow with your business and capable of connecting to all major B2B and B2C sales channels, our Ecommerce solution ensures retail compliance with your chosen platform and simple vendor management to provide the consistent, quality service your customers demand

Software as a Service for your Amazon Business

By virtue of API integrations to automated bundling and mapping, our software is capable of mapping SKUs across different sales channels. Foundation Fulfillment’s software can bundle a large volume of product combinations.

Order Fulfillment

Connect your Ecommerce store to our system so that we receive the products from your suppliers at one or more of our locations across the USA. We manage your inventory and prepare products for shipping. When your E-commerce store receives an order, your order is automatically picked, packed and shipped to your US-based customer. Our proprietary software solution that combines with our extensive fulfillment network delivers a comprehensive order management solution for customers of all sizes. With orders being handled completely automatically, from picking through packing and shipping, your customers benefit from a consistent, quality service from every purchase.

Mail Forwarding

Register for a virtual American address. Some of online U.S. retailers will not ship overseas and others will charge for this more than normal. Using your U.S.-based address will allow you to purchase products from top brands and procure from U.S.-based suppliers. Through our shipping management portal you can schedule delivery, forward mail around the globe, consolidate shipments, track packages, download photos of your goods and read scanned copies of your correspondence in high resolution and save up to 70% on postage.


A key advantage of our dropshipping solutions is the flexibility they provide, allowing you to expand quickly to new retail channels and markets, maintaining a direct connection between product supply and retail demand. With our solution, you can administer shipments from your own facilities, manage shipments from third party facilities and take advantage of our state-of-the-art logistics network.

Return Management

A dedicated address, based in the USA, to make sure that American customers can benefit from affordable and reliable returns for their unwanted purchases. We always ensure that each item is scanned and tracked into the inventory to make sure that our records are unparalleled. This solution includes returns inspection and processing services, including fault analysis, reconditioning, repackaging, and restocking.

Amazon Prep Services

Non-compliance with FBA-Fulfilment in Amazon product preparation may lead to denial, disposal, or return of your inventory or even worse to customer complaints. Our company helps prepare your inventory right before sending it to Amazon fulfilment center. We will make sure your inventory meets all requirements of FBA. We offer quality control, re-packaging, inventory check, inspection with photos.

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